We provide a web service with a proven track record of making the running of a modern hair or beauty salon simpler and more reliable.

In today's society, it is no longer necessary to rely on pen and paper to record appointments, contact customers or deal with enquiries.

The Easy Salon Management Software service provides all of these features and more, for a full list of features.

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Appointments Appointments
Easy to use bookings management.
At a glance view of all future bookings, plus view individual employees bookings with ease.
Add bookings using an easy to use form layout.
View past or future bookings with ease.
View individual booking details and add additional charges or discounts as desired.
Print booking labels to stick on appointment cards if required.
Cancel and amend bookings as required.
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Client Management

Easy to maintain customer records.
Add customer records quickly with address lookup using just a postcode.
Search customers quickly and easily when taking telephone appointments.
Record all customer contact details.
See customers booking/appointment history.
Search customer records by partial name, address or by date.
Allow customers to pay for additional services by a family member on the same day in a separate booking, Mother and Daughter hair cuts for example.
Clients Clients
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SMS Reminders

SMS Reminders
Reduce the number of missed appointments for your business.
Offer a valuable service to your clients, help them not to get disappointed.
A great free way to get improved client retention.
Use mobile numbers to send SMS TXT reminders of upcoming appointments completely FREE of additional charges.
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Point of Sale (POS)

Full Point Of Sale (POS) system to sell products along with your other services.
Produce customer receipts for each sale.
Fully searchable sales history for each product.
Point of Sale (POS) Point of Sale (POS)
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Administration Administration
We have a range of reports available to help judge the performance of your business and your staff.
The reports include Employee Sales, booking comparisons, stock reports, appointments and end of day reporting.
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Stock Control

Full inventory control.
Unlimited product categories.
Unlimited products.
Easily add/remove products.
Simple pricing control for products.
Stock Control Stock Control
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Services Services
Fully customisable service list.
Specify service durations, mid-service free periods (and their start times).
Control and easily update service costs.
No limit on the number of services offered per membership.
Fully responsive design allows you to use the system on anything from an iPhone to a 27 inch monitor, optimised for desktop/laptop and tablet screen sizes for the best user experience.
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Manage employee records.
Add and edit employees.
Record employee holidays to control booking availability.
Add employee photo to appear on the Appointment calendar.
Specify an employee category, choose a category from different professions i.e.
  • Aesthetics
  • Beauty
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Spa
Specify employee roles within their category, for example, Hair -> Senior Stylist or Beauty -> Junior Therapist.
No maximum number of employees per membership for Lifetime Subscriptions, Single User Subscriptions are limited to one employee.
Employees Employees
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Administration Administration
Control your use of the system through an easy to use menu.
Full access to the full configuration of the system even on a Free Trial.
Help messages available throughout the admin system.
Easily administer the system even on a smartphone.
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Your Business

Easily control your business opening / operating hours to set up when appointments and bookings can be made.
Block certain days from bookings being made, for example during National Holidays or building work affecting your business.
Record different payment methods used by your customers for future analysis.
Update your business and billing details with ease at any time.
Simple to follow reports available at the touch of a button.
Your Business Your Business
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Your Membership

Your Membership Your Membership
Choose from Single User memberships ideal for a Mobile Hair Stylist, or for larger businesses you can have an Unlimited User Monthly or Lifetime Subscription.
Choose to either pay monthly for the service or as a one-off payment with no ongoing fees.
Relax in the knowledge that your booking system is professionally managed and maintained, with no support costs.
Ongoing support during the use of the system, if you need more features just let us know, we are always ready to improve our service.
We offer a FREE initial setup and data import service, to get you started with Easy Salon Management, as we understand that adding a few thousand customers to the system could be time better spent on your business for you.
You can even have a Free Trial of our service for 14 days, at no cost to yourself and without providing any payment details.
Upgrade your free trial to a full membership and keep all your data so you can continue your use of the system uninterrupted.
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Data Security

Full data security all usage of our service is over a secure connection, so your data is safe and protected.
All usage of the system happens over a secure connection to maintain your privacy.
Your data is regularly backed up so safe from hardware failure.
All access to the site and your data is logged for security.
Data Security
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Easy Salon Management

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